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Galt Advocacy: Advocating for the Special Needs Community

Every day thousands of special needs individuals in the State of California are attempting to benefit from Department of Social Services programs and county Health and Human Services programs. These includes such as IHSS, Adoption Assistance, and Educational Assistance (IEP’s). There are rules, laws and regulations that have to be followed and each agency has their own. While these public agencies are happy to tell you how to comply with their regulations, what happens when you disagree with what they say?

What do you do when you are told you are not eligible but your friend, who suffers from the same disability, is receiving the service?

How do you appeal if you suspect you are being treated unfairly?

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Special Needs ABCs: Advocacy, Benefits, and Conservatorship
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When we need help as parents, we don’t know where to turn, or who to turn to for help. Galt Advocacy was there, and Myra is amazing!

~ Katie F

Special Needs Support & Advocacy Services in California

At Galt Advocacy, we understand that navigating the world of special needs support services can be overwhelming and confusing for many families. That’s why our team of experienced advocates is dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families throughout California.

Our services cover a wide range of needs, starting from the initial application process all the way through appeal if necessary. We have in-depth knowledge of various social service programs and can guide you on how to access them effectively. Whether you need an IHSS advocate in California or navigating the complexities of IHSS and Regional Center Services, need help getting that IEP, even adoption assistance and guidance, or other special needs assistance – we can help!

In-Home Support Services in California (IHSS)

One of our primary areas of expertise is in-home supportive services (IHSS). Our IHSS advocates in California are well-versed in the eligibility requirements and application process for this program, which provides in-home care services to individuals with disabilities. We can help you complete the application and navigate any challenges that may arise during the approval process.

Individualized Education Programs in California (IEPs)

We also specialize in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with special needs. Our team of can assist you in understanding your child’s rights and advocating for appropriate accommodations and services within their school district. Our goal is to ensure that your child receives a quality education tailored to their unique needs.

Adoption Assistance for Special Needs Children in California

Our advocacy services extend to adoption assistance for special needs children. We understand the complex process of adopting a child with disabilities and can guide you through the legal requirements, financial resources, and support networks available in California. Our goal is to help families provide stable and loving homes for children with special needs.

Other Special Needs Support Services in California

In addition to our primary areas of expertise, we also offer assistance with other special needs support services in California. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Regional Center Programs: We can help individuals access regional center programs that provide various services and support for individuals with disabilities.
  • Medi-Cal Benefits: Our advocates can guide you on how to access Medi-Cal benefits for medical and health-related needs.
  • Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSI): We have extensive knowledge of these programs and can support in pointing you in the right direction.

Contact the Expert Special Needs Advocates in California Today!

At Galt Advocacy, we are committed to providing comprehensive special needs support services in California. Our team is passionate about helping individuals with disabilities and their families navigate the complex systems and resources available to them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you and your loved ones.

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