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Every day thousands of disabled individuals in the State of California are attempting to benefit from Department of Social Services programs and county Health and Human Services programs. They may be applying for services, communicating with public agencies or dealing with paperwork, appeals, denials and compliance issues. There are rules, laws and regulations that have to be followed and each agency has their own. While these public agencies are happy to tell you how to comply with their regulations, what happens when you disagree with what they say? What do you do when you are told you are not eligible but your friend, who suffers from the same disability, is receiving the service? How do you appeal if you suspect you are being treated unfairly?

Galt Advocacy is a full service agency which assists those with disabilities and their families through the morass of social services from application through appeal.

Myra Galt, owner and founder of Galt Advocacy, has waded with her own children through the convoluted waters of the In Home Support Services program, Social Security, educational realm and Regional Center.  She is now a leading proponent, fighting for the support and care of families with special needs, and holding public county agencies, state agencies and social services departments accountable to their stated purpose.