Myra is available for speaking to groups over zoom with no cost. Hear what people are saying about Myra’s small group meet ups:

Without reservation, Myra and Caleb graciously agreed to join our Sunset Church special needs small group on Zoom last Friday to share about Myra’s faith, their commitment to serve the special needs community, and IHSS. We came away with so much information understanding benefits such as IHSS we knew little about. Myra, Caleb, and team’s passion to serve the special needs community is evident. We were inspired and equipped with practical resources. They are well-versed in special needs related benefits and laws. Thank you, Myra and Caleb.
~ Sincerely, Marrisa

I thought Myra and Caleb provided valuable information to help demystify IHSS to our families. I looked at the Galt Advocacy Facebook page and they posted additional resources that many of us could use. We appreciate the time they spent with us.
~ Blessings, Larry and Danine

I really didn’t know what MediCal, let alone IHSS was, this was totally foreign to me. The information and knowledge we learned Friday really helps me know at least where to start and I am very grateful for that. How to acquire Government benefits is very foggy and information provide by these agencies often is quite ambiguous at best. A big thanks to Myra and her son!
~ Roger

Thank you for speaking to our special needs small group at Sunset Church. I feel extremely supported knowing that there is Galt Advocacy service out there.I wish there were more of you when we first started services with GGRC. Thank you so much!!
~ Diana

Myra and Caleb,
Thank you for volunteering your time to share valuable information with our support group. I have come away with good information. We really appreciate it.
~ Leslie

Thank you for your time and your willingness to help special needs families. God bless your family and Galt Advocacy.
~ Sincerely, Joyce

We appreciated Myra and Caleb’s time towards us and their dedication towards special needs families. Glad to have met them and hear from them their knowledge of the system was very helpful and useful.
~ Thanks, Jon and Elaine