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Special Needs ABC’s: Advocacy, Benefits, and Conservatorship

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Free seminars will resume after the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. 

  • Learn the keys to successful advocacy

  • Learn the ins and outs of special needs benefit programs

  • Learn when and how to conserve

Did You Know?
A child with a disability such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Fragile X and others, or a parent with Alzheimer’s or Dementia may be eligible to receive a federal and state benefit that pays YOU the custodial family member up to $4,000 a month? This benefit is many times not income dependent. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here’s the scoop:
The government wants people to be cared for in their homes. The alternative is more people in institutions supported by, guess who…the government. So they have made provision to assist families to keep and care for their loved ones at home.

Did You Know?
Though this benefit has been in effect for many years, the majority of families with special needs dependents have NEVER heard of it. We refer to it as the “secret service”. The benefit no one knows about.

Did You Know?
Though this program is Federally Mandated in order to provide care, very few people actually receive the full amount of the services that they are eligible for by law. Dealing with government bureaucracy is especially daunting when facing it alone. A lack of knowledge of the law results in many eligible persons being denied services.

How Can We Serve You?
Galt Advocacy is a friend to walk beside you- an expert in the law and services pertaining to special needs individuals.  We support and represent families with:

  • In Home Support Services
  • SSI
  • Adoption Assistance
  • IHSS for Elderly or Dementia
  • Regional Center Services
  • And more…

You’re invited!
We look forward to meeting you at one of our free seminars. Come learn more about the “secret service” and the difference an advocate can make for your family.

I Feel So Empowered after Galts Seminar – I WISH I HAD Known all of this information 30 Years Ago !

~ Jenn W

The team at Galt Advocacy exceeded our expectations on every level.

~ Mark C