One Family at a Time

Meet Our Staff

Myra Galt, Director

Myra started the company that would become Galt Advocacy more than 14 years ago. Her agency was the first advocacy group in California dedicated to educating and representing the special needs community with IHSS and protective supervision. Over the years she has become a leading voice in the fight for fair and appropriate treatment of special needs families. She defends families in hearing and she works at the state level to push for new laws to help those with special needs.

Forrest Galt, CFO

Forrest is a very important part of the team: he makes sure we get paid. He also handles billing inquiries and all other financial concerns. Forrest is also the husband of our director Myra Galt. Galt Advocacy is truly a family run business!

Michelle M. Office Manager
aka Front Desk Boss

Michelle does her best to keep everything flowing through the Galt system. She’s here to help and looks forward to assisting you. If you are not yet a client of Galt Advocacy, please start by calling our front desk.

Phone# 707-566-7600 x 100

Sarah G. Receptionist

Sarah covers phones, assists the front desk with paperwork tasks, and assists other departments as needed. She is also part of the Galt family and the youngest of Myra’s 10 children.

707-566-7600 x 100

Teresa H. Marketing and Events Director

Teresa is in charge of our marketing department, setting up events, free seminars and zoom meetings. In addition she runs our social media and is always looking for good topics for Facebook Lives and blog posts.

707-566-7600 x 106

Jon W. Assistant Director

Jon wears many hats. He is in charge of our hearings department.  He is also our IT and HR department- all by himself. He is available to answer questions from our clients about any special needs programs. He prefers email contact.


Caleb W. Advocate

Caleb assists with preparing our families for IHSS hearings and upcoming IHSS assessments. He is also the face of our weekly livestream on Facebook where he shares information about IHSS, Protective Supervision, Regional Center, IEP/Special Education and more.

707-566-7600 x 100

Dakota H. Advocate

Dakota assists client families with IHSS assessments and hearings. He also assists with Facebook Lives and is part of our seminar team.

707-566-7600 X 110

Nicole R. Advocate
Department Director

Nicole assists our clients through their IHSS process and hearings. She also does weekly Facebook Lives in Spanish for our “Galt Advocacy en español” Facebook page which shares important information related to IHSS, Protective Supervision, Regional center, special education and more.

707-566-7600 x 114

Connie C. Advocate

Connie is our bilingual advocate who also speaks Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) fluently. She mainly assists with our English and Chinese speaking families with preparation, initial assessment, and annual reassessment for IHSS. She also comes with a strong background of special education. She shares insights/advice regarding parent self-education, trainings, and relevant resources upon request.

707-566-7600 x 118

Alicia C. Advocate

Alicia is a bilingual Spanish IHSS advocate assisting families through the process of application and the home assessment. She also assists with translation work for hearings when necessary.

707-566-7600 x 100

Jenn W. Office Assistant

Assisting all other departments with tasks. 


Mitchell G. Advocate

Mitchell is an IHSS advocate helping families through the process of application and the home assessment.

707-566-7600 x 100

Janeth M. Advocate

Janeth is a bilingual Spanish IHSS advocate managing home visits and IHSS applications as well as covering translation work for hearings and other events.

707-566-7600 x 100

Christina P. Advocate

Christina attends our clients’ reassessments each year.  She tries very hard to ensure they don’t lose their needed hours. 

Vanea S. Advocate
Regional Center/Special Education

Vanea worked for many years with Regional Center and has joined our team to assist our clients with obtaining Regional Center services. She is also advocating for our special education clients.  

707-566-7600 X 100

Jessica F. Advocate

Jessica is a bilingual Spanish IHSS advocate managing IHSS cases as well as attending events where Spanish speakers might be present..

707-566-7600 ext.124

Lori M. Executive Assistant

Assisting Myra, the Hearings Department, and the Education Department with all scheduling and office tasks.

707-566-7600 ext. 119

Kyle G. Executive Assistant / Billing

Kyle is in charge of invoicing, assisting clients through provider enrollment, and general inquiries for IHSS information.

707-566-7600 x 107

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