IHSS Advocacy in California

In Home Supportive Service Assistance

Special Needs Financial Assistance Program

IHSS provides for paid assistance to support a special needs child or adult. A parent, relative or other healthcare worker can be paid up to $5,000 per month by the state to assist this special needs individual. The areas of support are:

  • Domestic Services – sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dusting and picking up.
  • Related Domestic Services – meal preparation, meal clean-up, laundry and shopping.
  • Personal Care – bathing, grooming, bowel and bladder care, feeding, dressing, respiration, ambulation, care and assistance with prosthetics and other services.
  • Transportation – transportation to medical appointments.
  • Protective Supervision – behavior monitoring due to chronic cognitive impairment.
  • Paramedical – activities that are invasive to the body and are recommended by a physician.

Galt Advocacy can assist you in receiving or recovering IHSS. Many times counties will deny these services incorrectly or mistakenly. This requires that an appeal is made against the county in a “fair hearing” before a Judge. We can represent you in all stages of this process from application for services through appeal.

How does the IHSS program in California work?


To be eligible for IHSS as a parent provider in California, your child must be under 18 and have a disability or special need that requires daily assistance with activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, and mobility. Both you and your child must be California residents, and your child must qualify for Medi-Cal. The child’s needs are assessed, and authorized service hours are determined by the county.

Becoming a Parent Provider

To become an approved IHSS parent provider for your child, you must complete several steps within 90 days: 1) Submit the provider enrollment form, 2) Get fingerprinted and pass a background check, 3) Attend a mandatory orientation, 4) Sign the provider agreement. You’ll need to provide identification, get fingerprinted, and pay any associated fees. The process ensures you understand the program rules and requirements.

Services Provided

As a parent provider, you can be paid to provide authorized IHSS services for your child, such as personal care, paramedical services prescribed by a doctor, protective supervision to prevent injury, and accompaniment to appointments. The key service for many families is “Protective Supervision”, where you are compensated to provide constant supervision for a child who requires 24-hour monitoring due to behaviors that put them at risk.