Galt Advocacy Services

We begin with a consultation.
This can be via a face-to-face interview or a phone interview if distance is a factor. After determining your needs, we will:

  • Review your case
  • Determine a plan
  • Fill out paperwork
  • Provide research
  • Educate and facilitate getting correct information from medical professionals
  • Represent you at hearings
  • Follow up for one year to ensure all your needs have been met
At Galt advocacy they are very caring and have your child and your best interest at heart!

~ Jasmine B

Myra and her staff have been wonderful to our family! She has been and continues to be a huge blessing in our life!

~ Katie F

In Home Supportive Services

IHSS provides for paid assistance to support a special needs child or adult. A parent, relative or other healthcare worker can be paid up to $5,000 per month by the state to assist this special needs individual. The areas of support are:

  • Domestic Services – sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dusting and picking up.
  • Related Domestic Services – meal preparation, meal clean-up, laundry and shopping.
  • Personal Care – bathing, grooming, bowel and bladder care, feeding, dressing, respiration, ambulation, care and assistance with prosthetics and other services.
  • Transportation – transportation to medical appointments.
  • Protective Supervision – behavior monitoring due to chronic cognitive impairment.
  • Paramedical – activities that are invasive to the body and are recommended by a physician.

Galt Advocacy can assist you in receiving or recovering IHSS. Many times counties will deny these services incorrectly or mistakenly. This requires that an appeal is made against the county in a “fair hearing” before a Judge. We can represent you in all stages of this process from application for services through appeal.

Adoption Assistance Program

Adoption Assistance is a program designed to limit the financial strain put on a family that is adopting a child. If the adoptive child has special needs, part of a sibling group, of ethnic background, or a number of other factors, then that child is potentially eligible for AAP payments. These payments are for the care and assistance of the child and are additional income to the family to be spent wherever it is most needed. If you are adopting a child that meets the requirements for AAP, you must negotiate AAP with the county before you finalize your adoption.

Call us for assistance with this process or if you think you were not informed of AAP before your adoption was finalized. It may not be too late! We also provide consultation to attorneys and other agencies on AAP matters and compliance.

Educational Advocacy

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are written for children with disabilities, providing special accommodations for the child based on his/her specific needs. When your child has special needs, it’s nice to have someone in your corner who knows the laws and procedures necessary to offer your child the best chance for success.
Galt Advocacy offers a variety of services to ensure proper educational procedures are being followed. We attend IEP meetings, file for fair hearings if necessary, and research services that your child may qualify to receive.

Mediation & Family Representation
If your child is being denied a service by an agency we will support you in ensuring the proper procedures are followed and the necessary support is provided. Whether that’s through mediation between you and the school, direction and a pathway to support, or training you on how to best advocate for yourself and your loved one within a school system. If you need help navigating IEPs in California, call us today, we’re here for you.

Contact us in Santa Rosa, California, if someone you love has special needs but is not receiving all the benefits that are rightfully theirs.