Keeping Kids Entertained at Home

This is for all those who are sheltering in place with children. Right now it is a difficult time for everyone, but especially for people with intellectual disabilities. We are here to help the community. If you have any questions, reach out. We’ll be here. Meanwhile, here are some tips and tricks to entertain your children.

Something that can be very important for children is following a routine. For example, right now they are not going to school but that shouldn’t change their routine of waking up in the morning, showering, getting ready, and eating breakfast. It gives them something good to do. Also, it is good to practice activities that they would do in school.

Some types of activities that you can do with your children- Playing with Legos, puzzles, coloring, painting or painting with ice cubes. For children who have sensory problems they can play with sand, play dough, waxes, watercolors, finger paints, fabrics, papers of different textures, etc.

Other activities that are a bit more entertaining- Make necklaces out of painted macaroni. Make a train with cardboard boxes tied with threads and play in the train accompanied by songs. Stamps made with potatoes soaked and paint on paper. In my opinion, they like this type of activity a lot and have fun. Test it! Dye water in a basin with crepe paper and make colored bubbles by blowing the water with a straw. The colored water can be placed in ice cubes in the freezer and then painted with ice on the hard paper. Make rattles with small empty yogurt bottles or small bottles of water and legumes (beans, lentils, seeds, etc.) Plant lentils in a yogurt container with cotton and water. Make binoculars out of glued toilet paper rolls. Make colored glasses with cardboard and transparent colored paper and play at seeing the world of many colors. Play painting on the table with chocolate or shaving foam. Make fish tanks with empty water bottles.

Finally, don’t forget to drink warm water, take your vitamins, and eat plenty of vegetables. I hope this information helps you to entertain your quarantined children.